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VIPs 4 KIDs is a non-profit association, created to support Bulgarian children deprived of parental care or members of socially disadvantaged families. The campaigns that the association implements are geared towards specific cases that children in difficulty encounter on a daily basis. It is in this spirit that the first campaign of the VIPs for KIDS association – “I see 20/20. I can!”, which will provide full eye screening and diagnosis for children and young people as well as children and young people with disabilities living in social care centers to determine the level and condition of their vision. /read more HERE/

The team of VIPs for KIDs believes that the whole society is responsible to the children and young people of Bulgaria and should actively and constantly assist in their successful development and realization. We are happy to see the support and willingness of many Bulgarians every day to take part into our campaigns and contribute to a more dignified and brighter future for these children.


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